I initially trained as a jeweller and have had a successful studio practice with work exhibited and sold worldwide and held in national collections.

I have always been interested in exploring the properties and possibilities of a wide range of materials and processes when making jewellery, and have created bodies of work in metal, plastics, paper and textiles.

I embarked on an MA in textiles in 2015 to develop work that was not constrained within the framework of the body.


In my current practice I am working with thread, fabric and metal creating site specific work, small scale vessels and containers, and jewellery. I am using bobbin lace and self-generated techniques with thread, various techniques with fine metal sheet to explore the fragility of materials and processes to express fragments of experiential memories.


By working on an intimate scale I am asking the viewer to pause, lean in and look. To be still and experience the moment and the object in total.


I set out to produce work that has an equal balance between the immediate aesthetic impact and the narrative.